Theta Healing By Vianna Stibal

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Theta Healing is a technique that was developed by Vitanna Stiballs. It is a self-help technique that uses energy to heal the body and the mind. The basic tenets of this technique have to do with the idea that we can all use our fundamental intuitive powers to create change in our lives on a number of different levels. These levels are inclusive of the emotional, the physical and the mental. The idea is that when we get to the place where we can slow our brainwaves to a state of theta that we can receive instant healing to our bodies. The brainwaves that are used in the Theta technique are the ones that are usually utilized in the seconds just between sleep and wakefulness. What happens is that when the brain is in a deeper state of relaxation, the frequency of the brainwaves slows down and then electrical energy waves of different frequencies are produced. When the brainwaves are at their lowest frequency, this is the time when delta waves are created; when an individual is in different states of deep sleep. The second lowest wave frequency is the theta wave and you get to this state when you are in deep meditation or hypnosis.

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