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"The Will to Power" is a collection of Nietzsche's unedited and unpublished writings that were first published in 1901, about a year after his death. The radical philosopher's title and all of the concepts are his own inventions, but the order and selection of Nietzsche's notebooks are due to his sister's organization. Nietzsche used his remaining energy to produce a different work as a result of his bad health, leaving "The Will to Power" in its early stages of creation. He covers a wide range of issues, including nihilism, religion, morality, knowledge theory, and art. Some of Nietzsche's views are reflected in the works he completed during his lifetime, while others illustrate his growth from earlier concepts. Overall, "The Will to Power" offers an opportunity to read one of the nineteenth century's most brilliant intellectuals' intellectual journaling. Both posthumously released volumes I and II, as translated by Anthony M. Ludovici, are collected here. This version is printed on acid-free quality paper.

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