A Book of Secrets by Derren Brown

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The Sunday Times best seller.

Perhaps being happy is not the answer after all.

In this thoughtful and brilliant new book, the internationally best-selling author of Happy considers the value of friction in our lives.

In chapters revealing his own moments of anger and prejudice, anxiety and shyness, loneliness and loss, Derren Brown examines the means to a more rewarding life, be it saving yourself from small talk or navigating middle age. Referencing the ideas of some of the world's great philosophers, he has to wonder if the Greeks were right - unless we tend to all aspects of our lives - our whole flawed natures - the snubbed secreted aspects of ourselves will wreak revenge. Perhaps we need to accept and experience complexity, and allow uncertainty? Is anxiety in fact a pointer for growth? Rather than being true to ourselves, might we instead prioritise better interaction with other people?

Considering these questions leads him to surprising sources of consolation and compassion.

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